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113 waterside dr

trail section = 1.14 miles
The Downtown Waterfront section includes some of Norfolk’s most-loved treasures. Waterside Marina, Town Point Park, Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin all reside along this portion of the trail.


points of interest
Whaling Wall #47 Mural
The mural depicts humpback whales off the Virginia Coast. Artist Wyland painted 100 life-size public marine murals to increase awareness and appreciation of the world's oceans and aquatic animals.
Tower of Light Sculpture
Created by William Wainwright, the Tower of Light is a triangular, stainless steel form composed of hundreds of small pieces of polished steel on a tall, tapered pole, which move with the breeze and light coming off the Elizabeth River.
Revolutionary War Cannons
Unearthed in 1982 from Otter Berth and Town Point Park, the were presented to the Citizens of Norfolk by the Norfolk Rotary Club on July 4, 1986.
Norfolk 1682 Plaque
Donated by the Norfolk Rotary Club, the bronze plaque is inscribed with a 1682 map of Norfolk.
Waterwork Art Piece
The piece consists of 24 photographic-glazed ceramic tile murals mounted within steel frames. These images were found in the archive collection at the Norfolk Public Library.
Homecoming Statue
The Homecoming by artist Stanley Bleifeld is a larger than life size statue of a US Navy sailor being greeted by his family upon his return from sea duty.
USS Antietam Anchor
Donated by the Naval Historical Center, the anchor is a surplus battleship anchor that sits directly on a paved walkway leading into Town Point Park.
Armed Forces Memorial
160-foot monument with 20 bronze cast letters scattered across the base of a flagpole. The bronze pieces are actual letters written to loved ones by members of the Armed Forces who never returned from war.
Peter G. Decker Jr. Half Moone Center
Port of call for a variety of cruise liners, and a world-class event space.
The Lone Sailor Statue
Life-sized sculpture of a sailor and his duffel bag in cast bronze, and located on a brick plaza in Wisconsin Square.
USS Norfolk Bell
Following the decommissioning of the USS Norfolk, the ship's bell was put on display in Wisconsin Square. The giant brass bell is one of the last remaining pieces of the destroyer Norfolk.
parks & more
Wisconsin Square
Small park on the Norfolk waterfront, across from the docked USS Wisconsin and Nauticus.
Bike Fix-It Station (Downtown Waterfront)