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Trail Impacts: Resilient Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management Project

Trail Impacts

Contractors for the City of Norfolk’s Office of Resilience, Norfolk Resilience Partners, are doing survey work on streets (in the right-of-way) and on a limited number of private properties to support the Resilient Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management Project. You may see workers on or near the Elizabeth River Trail doing work now (February 2024) through April 2024. These investigations are critical to assist the City in developing a design and timeline for this phase of the project as construction is tentatively planned to begin summer 2027.

The Resilient Norfolk Project is a partnership between the City of Norfolk and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help protect the city from major coastal storm events like hurricanes or nor’easters through the construction of features that will reduce coastal flood risk and impacts.

Trail Updates

As updates become available, notices and important trail impacts and detour information will be posted here.


About the Resilient Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management Project

The City of Norfolk is increasingly at risk of flooding and damage from coastal storms.

The Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Project, called Resilient Norfolk, is a collaboration between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Norfolk to reduce the City’s risk from coastal flooding and damage from nor’easters, hurricanes, and other significant storm events.

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