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sentara loop

411 w york st

trail section = 1.48 miles
The Sentara Loop is a detour route that crosses the Hague and traverses the Mowbray Arch section of Ghent. It aligns back with the original trail at the corner of Redgate Avenue and Orapax Street, before continuing into West Ghent.


points of interest
The Hague
A horseshoe-shape inlet of the Elizabeth River that offers a walking bridge and views of the stately houses on Mowbray Arch.
parks & more
Bike Fix-It Station (Sentara Loop)
Botetourt Gardens
Open green space in the heart of Ghent Square, and home to the Fred Huette Center which aims to enrich the community through horticultural education.
Olney Road Park
Small park located along Olney Road in picturesque Ghent.
Greenway Court Park
Small park located off Greenway Court in Ghent.
Bike Fix-It Station (Chelsea/Sentara Loop)