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Historic Freemason is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Norfolk. Home to great local businesses, restaurants and the breathtaking Pagoda & Oriental Garden, it is a must-visit for trail users new and old. Following concerns from the community about close-call interactions between pedestrians and bikes, the ERT Foundation worked with the civic league and City staff to develop an alternate loop for cyclists.

The Freemason Bike Loop was officially signed in the summer of 2020. The loop allows cyclists to quickly and safely bypass heavy pedestrian areas around the Pagoda and those narrow passages between harborside residences. It also avoids all the gorgeous, but very bumpy, cobblestone streets in the neighborhood. The smooth ride along the Freemason Bike Loop is filled with historic homes, like the Hunter House Victorian Museum, public art and has its own ERT-bike repair station in Farragut Park. There’s even a Tide Light Rail stop at York Street/Freemason if you’re feeling mulitmodal.

Whenever you are out riding the trail, whether on bike, scooter or skateboard, please remember some basic trail etiquette. Give an audible or verbal signal to pedestrians when passing. Always pass on the left and leave plenty of room between your bike and fellow trail visitors. Slower trail users on foot have the official right of way, so bikes need to slow down, yield and let pedestrians through in narrow trail sections. These little courtesies help keep all trail users safe, so go ahead and ring that bike bell loud (we know ya wanna)!

Click below to view a printable map of the loop.