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Trailblazer SPOTLIGHT:
Jasmin Jamison

Trailblazer SPOTLIGHT: Jasmin Jamison

Name: Jasmin Jamison
Profession: Fitness and Wellness Coach
Organization Name: HittmamaFit
Organization Website:
Years lived in Norfolk: 1 year in 2016, but I have lived in VA Beach for most of my life.
Three words to describe me: Loving, Charismatic, Inspirational

Jasmin Jamison Picture for Spotlight
Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Jasmin and I was born in the Philippines but grew up mostly in Va Beach. My mom is from the Philippines and my dad is from Philadelphia and they met each other while in the Philippines when my dad was stationed there. I graduated from ODU in 2009 with an Occupational and Technical Studies Degree and my concentration was Fashion Merchandising. I worked in the fashion industry for a few years as an apparel manager, visual manager, and online stylist. I always had an interest in fitness and health and actually started my weight loss journey back in 2011 and lost 50 pounds! From there I always stayed consistent and decided to make a career out of it part-time in 2018 when a friend asked me to train her. I got certified in personal training in 2019 and went full-time with it, quitting my job as a visual leader in 2021. HiitmamaFit has been operating since 2018 and I am excited to say it is booming!

I have 2 boys ages 8 and 15 and I love, of course, working out, reading, gardening, thrifting, trying new restaurants, and living in the moment! Fun fact: I have over 15 plants!

What inspired you to start HittmamaFit?

I started HiitmamaFit when a friend asked me to train her back in 2018. I was apprehensive at first but fell in love with it! Seeing that I had helped her lose 60 pounds was so inspirational and I saw that it was my path. My focus and mission have evolved over the years and now it is transitioning to provide more holistic services such as Reiki in addition to fitness coaching, which I will be getting Reiki certified really soon.

I also help women with intermittent fasting and cycle syncing as well. My goal is to open my own gym really soon and create a vibe that will be so unique to our area. I can’t say yet but it is going to be dope! I also will be getting more holistic certifications as well so stay tuned!

How did you get connected to the ERT and the Foundation?

I got connected through the ERT first through Erik Barrett and then I connected through the Foundation and went to my first DEI meeting in February through Dorian Allen.

Given your background, what benefits do you feel the trail has for Norfolk?

As a fitness and wellness entrepreneur, I understand the importance of community health. The Elizabeth River Trail provides a safe and accessible outdoor space for residents to engage in physical activity such as walking, running, and cycling. The trail attracts visitors, such as myself because I travel from Virginia Beach, stimulating the local economy. Businesses along the trail benefit from increased foot traffic and patronage.

Also, through initiatives like clean-up events and educational programs, the ERT promotes environmental stewardship and helps preserve the natural beauty of the trail and river. Lastly, for me, I have benefitted from hosting a few classes at Plum Point Park and I also will be utilizing it for my outdoor Reiki sessions, and utilizing the beautiful background of the outdoor spaces along the trail.

What does being a part of the fitness and small business community mean to you?

It means that understanding the mission and goal is much bigger than me. Health and wellness is a huge topic in America and I want to make sure that I am doing my part to bring good vibes, awareness, and education to my community. To me, it is always about the collective impact and never just about myself. We grow stronger and healthier together.

If you met someone who just moved to Norfolk, what would you say to get them interested in the trail?

I would tell them it is an adventure and every twist and turn is a beautiful sight to see, so hop on a bike or use those legs and start exploring! The suspense and excitement should get them going!

What is your favorite place on the trail?

I love the Pagoda and Plum Point park. I always feel the most energized in those 2 spots.

Favorite Trailgrazing spot? (i.e. best local food spot steps from the trail)

I LOVE Orapax. The food is delicious!

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